How to Naturally Make your Lips Look Big and Plump – Tips and Tricks!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always a fan of making my lips look big and plump, especially on a night out! Sometimes it can be a bit much during the day, but if your going to an event and  know photos are going to be taken then making your lips appear slightly bigger then they actually are, can definitely perfect your makeup look!

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I have a few little tips and tricks which I have learnt over the past 8-9 months since seriously getting into makeup, so here they are!

Lip Colour – Lip colour is a very important thing to think about when you are trying to make your lips appear larger. It is usually best to go for a more natural/nude tone lip shade, rather than a bold shade, as this can make your lips appear thinner then usual. You don’t have to go for a plain shade necessarily, but just something not too dark or bright. Also, a sheer or shiny finish lip product is always preferable over a matte finish.

Cupids bow – This is one of my favourite things to do as it is so simple but makes a big difference to your lips. Taking a highlighter powder, preferably over a cream, dab a small amount onto the top middle section of your lips (this is known as your cupids bow). This makes your lips look extra ‘pouty’, and just gives a lovely effect.

Bronzer – Another of my little ‘tips” is to use a tiny bit of bronzer just underneath your bottom lip. This creates more of a shadow, and so makes your lips appear as if they are sticking out more than they actually are! It’s worth giving this a little practise as it has to be subtle and very blended, and should only be in the tiny area underneath your lip, not further down onto your chin.

Lip Liner – I find that lip liner is one of those products that many people avoid because they are scared it won’t look right or that they are doing it wrong (I was one of those people). It’s so important to use a similar shade liner to the lip product shade you are applying, as you don’t really want it to be obvious. Lip liner is a great way of avoiding your lip product from bleeding, as well as making your lips look plump! I don’t really overdraw my lips much as I have quite big lips naturally, and find it can look a bit silly on me, but I like to slightly overdraw on the outer sections of the top lip, as this is where lips can go quite small and thin. I like to line my lips on top of my natural line, and once I have done this I will go a tiny bit over this line, but only in this area. This ensures the lips still look natural, but just have a nice ‘plump’ effect to them. If you do tend to avoid liner, don’t! It’s seriously very easy if you practise a bit first, and it’s a great effective product to add into your makeup routine.

Gloss – This is the last tip I have for you. A great way to make your bottom lip appear bigger is to add a tiny bit of gloss in the centre. This creates a bit of light reflection, like with the cupids bow tip, and just gives your lips that extra bit of shine and roundness to them!

I hope you enjoyed my tips, and don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any more that I could learn from too! Anyone can make their lips look gorgeous, no matter what shape or size they are! It’s all about working with what you have, and learning what suits you.

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Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x