My Mac Eyeshadow Collection 2014!

Hi guys! Today’s blog post is going to be about my Mac Eyeshadow Collection. So as you all probably know already, I am completely Mac obsessed! This obsession has caused me to purchase a Mac Pro Palette which allows me to create my own palette with any colours I wish. I purchased the 15 slot palette, enabling me to have a very universal product! I have so far filled 8 spaces with shades which I spent far too long choosing! Just a disclaimer before I go on, I don’t have anywhere near what most bloggers probably own! I just wanted to share with you the shades I have added to my Mac Pro Palette.

I first decided I wanted to start a collection through watching Tanya Burr’s Youtube Channel, and seeing how many palettes she owns. I think It’s an incredible idea, as you can completely customise the shades, and they fit into such a neat slim packaging making it easy to travel with!


So, here we have the Mac Pro Palette! The case itself retails at £14, and the insert is £2.50. This palette holds up to 15 eyeshadows of your choice. I think it’s a beautiful design as you can see the shades you own before you open it, making it easier if your lucky enough to own many of these palettes!

Right, now onto the shades! I own 8 in total, and they go in order on my arm below from left to right.


The first shade I have is Nylon. This shade is great to use as a highlighter, as it is so bright and shimmery. It is a bit too bright to use on the brow bone but it looks just perfect on the inner corners of your eyes. I’ve never found a highlighter like it!

Next, we have Jest. Jest is a beautiful pink tinted highlighter. I think this would look great as a pop of colour in the inner corners, or in the center of the lid, to intensify eye looks.

My next shade is All That Glitters. I think I picked this because it’s extremely popular, and love shimmery eyeshadows. It works great when patted onto the centre of the lid, to make your eyes look even bigger.

A similar shade I own which is similar to All That Glitters is Honesty. This is probably my least favourite of my Mac eyeshadows but it’s still very pretty. It does a similar job to All That Glitters, however, so you probably don’t need both!

The next shade is my most used out of the entire palette – Woodwinked. I absolutely love this shade, as it can be applied through the crease, all over the lid and under the eyes – whilst still looking like different shades have been used!

Next we have Mulch, which is a bronze-brown shade. This looks great in the outer V of the eyes, and applied halfway through the crease. It has a lovely shimmer, but isn’t too over the top. I reckon this shade would go with many colours on the lid, as its very versatile.

My second to last shade is Trax. This isn’t the type of shade I would normally go for, however, I was recommended it in the Mac Store because of my bright green eyes – it definitely does make my green eyes pop! Its a shimmery purple shade with little speckles of gold.

And lastly, we have Cranberry. This is my absolute favourite Mac eyeshadow shade! It literally is a warm pink cranberry shade, with a slight shimmer. My ideal look for this shade would be to apply it all over the lid, with a matte brown shade through the crease to intensify the Cranberry even further. There are so many looks you can achieve with this shade, so I would highly recommend adding it to your collection!

As I said, I don’t have the biggest collection by any means, but, I am going to be travelling to America later this year and am hoping to add to this! What are your favourite Mac eyshadow shades? Any you could recommend to me?

Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x