We Have a New Kitten!

Hi everyone! How are you all? Today’s lifestyle blog is basically about the fact that my partner and I now have our very own new kitten! He is a mixed breed, beautiful ginger kitten called Thor!


I have always been an animal lover, and wanted us to have our own kitten as we got our own home in the last year. Searching for the right breeder was always something that I wanted to put as a top priority to make sure that the animal had been well looked after and been brought up the best it could. I found a lady from Surrey who was absolutely lovely, was an animal lover herself and had a lot of experience with breeding cats.

Having a ginger kitten was definitely also a priority as I didn’t want him to look like previous cats I had owned, so going for a different colour completely was always something I had wanted to do!


Thor is very much a people cat; he loves to cuddle just under your chin and whenever myself or my partner leave the room for longer then 10 seconds he meows until we return!

I would love to know what pets you have, or plan on getting! Or if you would like to know anything about bringing up kittens then please comment below and I will get back to you 🙂


Thank you for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x


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