What I do to Relax after a Stressful Day!

We all have those days where you just want to get home, put some pyjamas on, have a glass of wine and just forget about everything that’s going on. When this happens to me, I have a few things that I like to do to relax, destress and just make myself feel better!

Read a Book – Nothing relaxes me more then reading a book. It actually makes me fall to sleep sometimes! I know not everyone likes reading books, but it’s definitely something that can help you to escape a stressful situation or something in your life that maybe just isn’t making you think very positively right now. Authors I love are Lindsey Kelk, Katie Price (I know, I know, but her books are VERY addictive!), Gillian Flynn and Sylvia Day.

Pampering – I don’t mean spending a fortune on going to a spa, or even going to a salon for treatments. You can pamper yourself on a budget very easily from home! I do this by running a bath, adding some sea salts and a Lush bath bomb to it, putting on a face mask and using a body scrub to massage. When I’ve come out I like to use Johnsons Baby Oil to make my skin lovely and smooth and then paint my nails.

Colour Therapy – This is something fairly new to me, and I know it won’t be everyones cup of tea but if you are creative person who loves stationary then this is definitely something you should try! You can grab yourself a colouring book and pens for a reasonable price and just spend the day colouring in and creating some beautiful pictures. It is SO relaxing!

Netflix – When I have a whole day to spend relaxing, I love getting into a new series! Netflix is great for binge series watching. Ones Im loving at the moment are Pretty Little Liars, Suits and Grey’s Anatomy! Disney films are also a great way to relax I find!

Exercise – It’s not always the first thing I turn to when I’m stressed but I find that when I exercise I completely relax and stop thinking about whatever it is that is stressing me out. Yoga and pilates are great for this, but I love just doing a high-intensity work out where I can just focus on the exercise and then it tires me out afterwards.

Music – I just love to put on a pair of headphones and discover new music on Spotify. My favourite albums at the moment are Selena Gomez Revival and Disclosure Caracal.

How do you de-stress? I’d love to hear your tips!

Thank you for reading,

Little Miss Makeup x


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