My Summer Reading List!

Hi guys! So this is probably going to seem very random on my blog as I normally focus on makeup, but this year I want to expand my blog and get into lifestyle posts, instead of just beauty, skincare and things like that.

This year I have been really getting into reading. I have always loved reading books but I think for the past few years I feel I have neglected this interest, which is mainly due to the three year degree I did!┬áNow that I have finished that, I feel like I don’t have to feel guilty anymore for reading a book that I choose to read… not an educational book! Here I have written down for you my Summer reading list!

Grey – E L James

How could I not put this on my list? It is being talked about EVERYWHERE, and I have heard very mixed reviews – Some absolutely love it, whilst others gave up on it half way through. I therefore want be able to give it my own opinion, and as I was a massive fan of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, I couldn’t not read this!


The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins

I have actually already started this book and It’s one of the first of this type of genre which I have read. So far I am very intrigued with where Hawkins is going with this story, but it’s got such a good write up so I really can’t wait! UPDATE – Finished the book and was SO impressed! Definitely worth a read!


Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

I have previously read Gone Girl by the same author and absolutely loved it! I read this whilst on holiday in Menorca and I just remember being absolutely stuck in to this book. I couldn’t put it down!


Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

For the same reasons as ‘Dark Places’, I have put this on the ‘to read’ list!


Sapphire – Katie Price

I really love a good girly Summer read, and Katie Price really does this for me! I love the story lines, the romance, the drama! I have read many of her books previously, and this is one I have owned for years but just never got round to reading it!


Gold Diggers – Tasmina Perry

I read a book called Private Lives by Perry about two years ago, which was based around a Law Firm. This book took me a little time to get into but all in all I loved it. This encouraged me to purchase another of her books on my Kindle, so I really must give this a read!

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So there we have it! I would love to hear your Summer reading lists as I’m always looking for new books!

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Little Miss Makeup x

ou plan on reading this Summer? I would love to know! If you have any recommendations of great reads then please post them down below in the comments! I would also love your feedback on venturing into the ‘Lifestyle’ side of blogging as well as beauty and makeup! Thanks for reading! Little Miss Makeup x