Stila Lip Glaze Review!

Hi everyone! Today’s blog is going to be about the Stila Lip Glaze. I recieved this in my BirchBox this month, and needless to say, I was very pleased! Stila is one of my favourite brands but it’s pretty expensive so I don’t own that many of their products! Stila Lip Glazes are meant to be lasting, hydrating and pigmented, as well as smelling gorgeous! They come in a ton of shades (over 30), some with glitter and others with a soft sheen to them. If you are into lip gloss then these should be right up your street!

IMG_0942 IMG_0945

I tested out my lip glaze, which is in the shade Gleam. My first impression was beautiful simplistic packaging, but a bit of a pain as it has one of those twisty applicators. You have to twist it tons when you first use the product and then all of a sudden you get an abundance of product, which isn’t good as it’s quite expensive (£15). However, once you have gotten over that initial step then it is easy to use. I thought the product smelt pleasant, and the application was easy as it applies with a soft brush. The texture of the product is incredible. Unlike most long lasting glosses, it doesn’t go all sticky on your lips and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable whilst you are wearing it. The stickiness is the main reason I tend to not turn to lip glosses anymore, but this one I will definitely be using! The product lasted on my lips for a good few hours before the texture started to change (it went a tad flakey), but it lasted a lot longer than other lip glosses do.



The shade I used, which was gleam, was a pale pink with a bit of shimmer and glitter added into the formula. It was very pretty and natural, and I paired it with Mac’s Creme Cup lipstick underneath, applying the Lip Glaze on top. This was a beautiful combination, and made my lips look very full and plump.


Overall, this product deserves an 8 out of 10! There’s a shade for everyone in the range, and although it’s pricier than other lip glosses, I think it is worth it! Just mind the twisty applicator at the beginning, as this was the only thing that let it down for me! If you have used this product let me know your thoughts in the comments down below, or whether you have any other products that could rival the Stila Lip Glaze as I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x


2 thoughts on “Stila Lip Glaze Review!

  1. I have the Stila lip glaze but I have used it in a while. I need to pull it out again. I guess that happens when you end up with too many lip products lol. I really love the color you have! So beautiful! I am also a big fan of MAC lipsticks and Creme Cup might just be one that I have to pick up next! 🙂 x

    1. Im exactly the same! I find products I love that end up not being used for too long 😦 but it’s always nice to have a selection 😉 thank you so much for your comment! I absolutely love Mac creme cup! I just uploaded a video on youtube swatching my Mac lipstick collection so go and check it out if you’d like 😊 the link is –

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