My Trip to the USA – San Francisco!

I thought it was about time that I wrote a blog post on my recent holiday to the USA! As most of you who regularly read my blog would know, I went on a two week round trip to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas with my childhood and blogger friend Megan. We booked this in January and I can’t believe how quick it came around! Before we knew it, we were on the 11 hour plane journey watching films until our hearts were content!


So our first destination was San Francisco. We wanted to start here because we knew how great it would be for sight seeing, and how chilled the area was. So, it would be a nice relaxing way to start off our trip! I have to say, I wish we had planned longer in San Fran, as we only really had three nights there as we were absolutely drained by the first evening from the travelling. During our stay we enjoyed many amazing American breakfasts, such as french toast (WOW), pancakes, bacon and eggs and more. We found that their portions were so huge that we didn’t need three meals a day, as most days we ate just one or two, which of course, left more money for shopping ;). One cafe I would recommend you definitely visit, is the Hollywood Cafe. The service was super fast, and the food was incredible. They served us the best french toast with fresh fruit such as strawberries and banana. We felt full for the entire day just from that one meal!


We did a ton of sightseeing whilst we were there and I will make a list below of the places/sights/areas we visited;

  • Pier 39
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Union Square
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Alcatraz
  • Open top bus of the Downtown area

I feel like there’s many more places I would liked to have done, but we just didn’t have enough time to fit it all in. I’m pretty proud of what we achieved in our three days, however! One of the most memorable experiences was going on one of the cable carts! Definitely something you have to do – I was really holding on for my life, especially when we were going up the seriously steep roads! It was great fun though, and what a way to see San Francisco!


Out of the entire San Francisco stay, I would say the most memorable part was Alcatraz Island. If you are heading to San Fran, you must book this trip! Not only is it educational and absolutely fascinating, but you get some beautiful views of the city too! I am quite the scaredy cat, so I was quite petrified before we got on the boat to head towards the penitentiary, mainly because we were on the night tour and I had been told that the building is haunted. Don’t get me wrong, when we were on the boat and approaching the Island, it did look pretty creepy! However, when your in there and listening to the audio tour, your not actually scared (well, I wasn’t!). It’s just so interesting hearing about the famous escapes, the prisoners and the history, that you forget about all the rumours and everything else. Besides, there are so many other people with you on the tour that your never alone. If I went back, I would love to do this trip again!



If you are a big shopper like me, then I couldn’t recommend Union Square enough! The shops available are to die for (including Macy’s, Benefit, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and MANY more!) as there’s such variety! We especially loved it because it wasn’t just a shopping mall like you get in the UK. Most of it was outdoor based, so the shops were in a kind of massive high street, all arranged into blocks. It was so huge that they had a Westfield Shopping Centre amongst it! We didn’t manage to make it around the entire area, but I think if we had then it would of been a bit dangerous as I definitely spent a bit too much money that day! Another recommended restaurant would have to be the Cheesecake Factory, which is located on the top floor (I think) of Macy’s. Before I went there I hadn’t actually realised that it was a restaurant – I thought it just served desserts! So we were pleasantly surprised when we checked the menu outside and made our way in, trying to decide what we wanted to eat! I had the Oreo Cheesecake which was absolute heaven.


As this blog post is already quite long, I will be writing about Los Angeles and Las Vegas very soon! I hope you all enjoyed reading about our trip, and if you haven’t been to San Fran before, definitely have it on your ‘Places to visit’ list! It was such a beautiful place and I will definitely be going back to visit, for sure!

Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x


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