My blog statistics for 2014!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

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I Have a YouTube Channel!

Hi guys!

So I’m super super excited to announce to you that I now have a YouTube channel! I decided to go down the YouTube route as I felt it would make it easier for me to do makeup tutorials this way. My first video has been inserted below and is basically just a little introduction to my channel, so please play it, give it a thumbs up and subscribe as I would really appreciate it!

I will still be doing my blog but I just wanted to expand and make it more fun for both myself and my readers, so please comment below if you would like to request any videos from me ūüôā


Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x

Light Natural Winter Daytime Makeup Tutorial using Affordable and High End Products!

Hi everyone! I’m feeling a bit under the weather at the moment as I have the good old Winter cold, so I thought I would do a light natural makeup tutorial for when you just want to perk yourself up but don’t want to wear anything heavy on your face! Ive used a mixture of both high end and affordable products so that there’s something for everyone – I hope you all enjoy it!


When your poorly, it’s always good to make sure you moisturise! Your skin can dry out when you are ill, and look a bit tired and dull (especially in the Winter), so I started with the No7 Beautiful Skin Moisturiser. This is so light and soaks straight into your skin, leaving it feeling soft. Keeping with the moisture theme, I went with Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream. This gives a light coverage, brightens up your face and moisturises at the same time, which is ideal! I love this product, it’s so quick as I just apply it with my hands if I’m wearing it alone.


I tend to get slight bags under my eyes if I’m unwell – If you do too, then a little bit of concealer under the eyes can work miracles! I used Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer. I will ALWAYS go back to this product – It’s extremely affordable and lovely to use. I don’t get creasing with it either, which can always be problematic with under-eye concealers. I blended this with the Beauty Blender. I then did my normal brow routine using Benefit’s Browzings.

I then bronzed my face using the Lord & Berry bronzer. This was the first time I had used this product, and I loved it! It’s extremely pigmented and blended well. The blusher I used was Benefit’s Coralista.

To start off my eyes, I used the MUA Makeup Academy Ever After Palette in Matte. This was a pretty cheap eyeshadow palette which I purchased from Superdrug. If I’m completely honest, they were not the best eyeshadows I have used. The price definitely reflected in the quality. They felt quite chalky, and weren’t that pigmented. However, if you are looking for a natural look, it’s probably worth a purchase as it was very reasonable. I started with the shade¬†Fade¬†(Muted taupe) and blended this through the crease to give my eyes some warmth and definition. I then took Bare¬†(pale cream)¬†and patted this onto my lid. To finish, I applied¬†Butter¬†(very pale yellow tone) and put this onto the centre of my lid. This brightened up my eyes to give them a bit of colour and definition which was just what I was looking for.

I chose the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara because it doesn’t really add volume. I wanted a natural affect and nothing too dark. I applied this onto both my top and bottom lashes to open up my eyes and make me look more awake! I then applied¬†the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 230 Complex. This is a beautiful peachy toned lip crayon. To complete the look, I wanted a tiny bit of gloss on my lips, so I went for Sally Hansen’s Lip Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment Gloss, in the shade #2. This lip gloss is nice but the smell isn’t great! Needless to say it lasted on my lips which was good.

Here is the finished look!



I hope you all liked the look! Please comment below with your opinions or any suggestions for future tutorials etc!

Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x

Full Face Makeup Tutorial Using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and My New Products!

Hey everyone! I’ve been really looking forward to doing this tutorial as I haven’t done one since before I went on holiday to America. I made a lot of new purchases over there as makeup is much cheaper and they had the best shop in the world… SEPHORA! I can’t even begin to describe the love I have for this shop… so much makeup! Anyway… I decided I wanted to do a makeup tutorial using a few of the new products I purchased! I have also used some of my “holy grail” products in this post. I was so happy with the end result – Keep reading to see how I achieved it!

IMG_0865 2


I started off with the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer, which is a new product I purchased from the US. I spoke about this in my past blog post ( and said how it was one of my favourite high end primers right now. It’s extremely moisturising and light weight, and I found that my foundation lasted all night when I used it! The foundation I chose was my holy grail product, the Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation. If you read my blog then you will probably know a lot about this foundation, but basically, it’s incredible. I buffed this into my skin using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I buff and blend my foundation a lot to ensure it looks as natural as possible. You don’t want it to look like it is just “sitting” on your skin! I then applied the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer under my eyes, in the centre of my forehead and on my chin. This was blended out using the Beauty Blender.



Blush, Bronzer, Brows and Highlighter

This is always my favourite part as I’m obsessed with blushes at the moment. The blush that I chose for this look was the Benefit Hervana. This is an absolutely beautiful shade of pink, without shimmer. For my eyebrows I did my normal routine using the Benefit Browzings. For bronzer, I used Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, which I used to contour my cheek bones, the sides of my nose and around the outside of my face. I then take a bit more of the bronzer onto a fluffy brush and blend it on my cheeks to make the contouring look a bit more natural. I used a brand new highlighter for this look, which was The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. This has to be the best highlighter I have ever used, as it is so shimmery and pigmented. The picture below will show you the glow you get from it! I applied it to the tops of my cheekbones.




I went back to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette for this tutorial as I feel like I haven’t used it much as i’d of liked! It’s such an amazing product but for some reason I just don’t reach for it often. Take a look at my previous makeup tutorial using this palette here –¬† I started with blending the shade¬†Salted Caramel¬†(middle shade on the left) through the crease, which would be our transition colour. A Transition colour helps with blending, and looks great in your crease as it’s would usually be a warm colour which adds dimension. Once this was fully blended, I took the shade Hazelnut (bottom left)¬†and patted this onto the lid, ensuring the colour was bold. I then blended¬†Semi Sweet¬†(middle brown shade in the palette next to pink)¬†through the crease using a tapered blending brush which helps to apply into a smaller area. As it’s a darker shade it needs to stay in the crease rather than blending upwards, as I wanted this look to be elegant and understated. I then went back to¬†Hazelnut (bottom left)¬†and lined my under eye with this shade, bringing it up to the outer corners of my eyes. You don’t want this going too near the inner corners as it can make your eyes appear smaller and shut. I then applied¬†Amaretto¬†(middle shade on the right)¬†onto the outer V. This was a deep purple shade which really added some warmth to the area. The last shade I used from the palette was Champagne truffle (Bottom right shade) to highlight the inner corners. This is a beautiful pale pink shimmery shade.



Eyeliner and Mascara

I applied a really fine line of the L’Oreal Superliner onto my upper lash line, and brought this out into a slight ‘cat flick’. This is my ‘go-to’ liner look at the moment as I love a fine but dramatic liner. I then used Elizabeth Arden’s eyeliner on my bottom and top waterline, and finished off with Dior’s DiorShow Blackout mascara. This was the first time I had used this mascara, and although I loved how big and separated it made my lashes, I found that it melted underneath my eyes slightly at the end of the night! I will keep trying it to see if it was just a one-off but I would still use it anyway as it was just amazing – just wish it stayed put a bit more!




To finish off the look with a dramatic lip colour, I went for my brand new Mac lipstick shade called La Vie En Rouge. I was absolutely in love with this shade. When I went to the Mac store in America the actual shade I wanted was Dangerous, but they had all been recalled. This was the nearest shade to it and I love how bright it is, without being Orangey.

So here is the finished look! I have my new hair too in these pictures – Let me know what you think of both! ‚̧


Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x

Face Primers – Facts and Favourites!

So it’s only really been since the beginning of this year that I started using face primers. To be honest, last year I didn’t have a clue about which ones to use, or even why we should wear them! This year I have discovered a lot about make-up in general, but in this post I wanted to talk to you about why face primers should be used and which ones I love! If you want to hear about this then keep reading ūüôā

  • Face primers are a great way of helping your skin depending on your skin type. For example, there particular ones that combat oils, and ones that ensure your skin stays moisturised throughout the day. Therefore, whether you have oily, normal, combination or dry skin, there is a primer out there to help you!
  • Primers don’t just look after your skin. They are also good for improving the look of your foundation. If you find your skin is so dry that foundation just looks like it’s ‘sitting’ on your skin, then a moisturising primer (such as Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer) could help your foundation to look flawless and more natural.
  • Now, the next point is something I struggle with, and that’s colour correction. Even though I’m quite lucky with my skin in terms of spots, I can suffer from redness, especially when I’m hot or when I have just cleansed, toned and moisturised, for example. If you suffer from this too, then a colour correcting primer will be right up your street. A great one which I use is Stila’s One Step Correct Primer. It’s quite pricey, but it’s definitely worth it for the quality of the product.

My Favourite Drugstore Primers

  • L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer – ¬£9.99 – Great for moisturising and skin brightening
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Primer – ¬£7.99 – I find this good for oil control and makes foundations glide on easily


My Favourite High End Primers

  • Stila One Step Correct Colour Corrector – ¬£24.99 – This is amazing to counteract redness and is moisturising
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer – ¬£25.20 – Great for dry skin and improves the look and staying power of foundations


So here you have two extremes in terms of pricing. They are all great products depending on what you are looking for in a primer, whether that be moisturising, colour correcting, oil control etc.

I hope you found this useful! Let me know if you’d like another post like this in the future on a different type of product, such as mascaras or blushers.

Speak to you all soon! Thanks for reading ūüôā

Little Miss Makeup x

My Trip to the USA – San Francisco!

I thought it was about time that I wrote a blog post on my recent holiday to the USA! As most of you who regularly read my blog would know, I went on a two week round trip to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas with my childhood and blogger friend Megan. We booked this in January and I can’t believe how quick it came around! Before we knew it, we were on the 11 hour plane journey watching films until our hearts were content!


So our first destination was San Francisco. We wanted to start here because we knew how great it would be for sight seeing, and how chilled the area was. So, it would be a nice relaxing way to start off our trip! I have to say, I wish we had planned longer in San Fran, as we only really had three nights there as we were absolutely drained by the first evening from the travelling. During our stay we enjoyed many amazing American breakfasts, such as french toast (WOW), pancakes, bacon and eggs and more. We found that their portions were so huge that we didn’t need three meals a day, as most days we ate just one or two, which of course, left more money for shopping ;). One cafe I would recommend you definitely visit, is the Hollywood Cafe. The service was super fast, and the food was incredible. They served us the best french toast with fresh fruit such as strawberries and banana. We felt full for the entire day just from that one meal!


We did a ton of sightseeing whilst we were there and I will make a list below of the places/sights/areas we visited;

  • Pier 39
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Union Square
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Alcatraz
  • Open top bus of the Downtown area

I feel like there’s many more places I would liked to have done, but we just didn’t have enough time to fit it all in. I’m pretty proud of what we achieved in our three days, however! One of the most memorable experiences was going on one of the cable carts! Definitely something you have to do – I was really holding on for my life, especially when we were going up the seriously steep roads! It was great fun though, and what a way to see San Francisco!


Out of the entire San Francisco stay, I would say the most memorable part was Alcatraz Island. If you are heading to San Fran, you must book this trip! Not only is it educational and absolutely fascinating, but you get some beautiful views of the city too! I am quite the scaredy cat, so I was quite petrified before we got on the boat to head towards the penitentiary, mainly because we were on the night tour and I had been told that the building is haunted. Don’t get me wrong, when we were on the boat and approaching the Island, it did look pretty creepy! However, when your in there and listening to the audio tour, your not actually scared (well, I wasn’t!). It’s just so interesting hearing about the famous escapes, the prisoners and the history, that you forget about all the rumours and everything else. Besides, there are so many other people with you on the tour that your never alone. If I went back, I would love to do this trip again!



If you are a big shopper like me, then I couldn’t recommend Union Square enough! The shops available are to die for (including Macy’s, Benefit, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and MANY more!) as there’s such variety! We especially loved it because it wasn’t just a shopping mall like you get in the UK. Most of it was outdoor based, so the shops were in a kind of massive high street, all arranged into blocks. It was so huge that they had a Westfield Shopping Centre amongst it! We didn’t manage to make it around the entire area, but I think if we had then it would of been a bit dangerous as I definitely spent a bit too much money that day! Another recommended restaurant would have to be the Cheesecake Factory, which is located on the top floor (I think) of Macy’s. Before I went there I hadn’t actually realised that it was a restaurant – I thought it just served desserts! So we were pleasantly surprised when we checked the menu outside and made our way in, trying to decide what we wanted to eat! I had the Oreo Cheesecake which was absolute heaven.


As this blog post is already quite long, I will be writing about Los Angeles and Las Vegas very soon! I hope you all enjoyed reading about our trip, and if you haven’t been to San Fran before, definitely have it on your ‘Places to visit’ list! It was such a beautiful place and I will definitely be going back to visit, for sure!

Thanks for reading!

Little Miss Makeup x