May Beauty / Skincare Favourites!

This is quite exciting for me as it’s my first monthly favourites blog post! I have found many new things this month from reading other bloggers, and just trying new things Ive found in shops! I have probably purchased waaaay too much, if i’m honest, but at least I can now tell you all what is definitely worth buying! Im going to start with skincare and then go into makeup!


This month I’ve been absolutely loving Clinique’s Take the Day off Cleansing Balm. This stuff is just incredible. It starts as a thick balm, and you take a bit out of the tub and just apply it to your face. As you rub it on your skin it changes to a smooth oily texture and takes all your makeup off easily! My skin has been a lot better in terms of breakouts this month from using this product! The only negative I have for it is that it’s £21, and I’ve already used about two thirds of it! So, it is quite pricey, but I would 100% repurchase, regardless of the price.


My second skin care product has to be the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Velvety Soft Toner. I think this cost me about £3.50, so it was an absolute bargain! It smells lovely, and feels super soft on the skin. It’s just an affordable, nice to use product!


The last product in the skincare category has to be the Along Came Betty Pause for Thought Polish. This is an amazing face scrub that has really improved the appearance of my skin. Ive been using it for just over a month now, and I found it instantly made foundation go on smoother. It smells of apricots too, which is always a plus! It’s just a lovely product to use, and the refreshing smell really wakes you up in the morning! I got this from Tesco, and it was pretty affordable. I think it cost me about £3 roughly.



Right, now onto the cosmetics! Ive gone a bit crazy this month buying cosmetics, so I have some really great products to show you! Firstly, I am going to say it has to be the Benefit Sugarbomb blush. This product is simply beautiful. It is a shimmery blush, but I still think It looks great for daytime as well as in the evening. I purchased it for £23.50, which, yes, is quite expensive for a blusher. But, others who have used Benefit’s box blushers have always said they last for absolutely ages. This was my way of justifying the purchase, ha.


My next beauty favourite is going to have to be Lancome’s Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation. I did a review on this product, so I won’t go into it much. However, it is definitely worth the £28 (I think) that I paid for it. It’s a lovely, light foundation, and lasts for the whole day.


My next beauty favourite is going to be Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balms. I have two of the shades, in Elusive and Complex. Elusive is a beautiful baby pink, and Complex is a neutral, slightly coral shade. I don’t think I could pick a favourite out of these, so, I’ve just put both in! I find they are a bit drying obviously, because they are matte, but I put a thin layer of lip balm on underneath, and then one of these over the top, and it looks lovely. They are about £7.99 each from Boots – Bargain!


My last favourite is the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. This stuff is incredible. I can’t even describe how impressed I was when I tried this! I went to the Mac Store in Brighton, and the lovely make up assistant in there colour matched me to NW20. Apparently I don’t really have under eye circles, but it’s still great for a brightener, and doesn’t crease! I think this cost me £15, but I’ve been using it everyday for about a month and I haven’t used much at all, so it would last a while.


So thats it for this month’s favourites! Have you used any of these products? What have been your monthly favourites that you think I could try?

Thank you for reading!


Little Miss Makeup x


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