My Mac Lipstick Collection!

So basically, I’ve become a bit “Mac obsessed” this year, constantly on their website looking at their products, and going into their Brighton store or their concession at Selfridges.

Although I love everything I have tried so far (their primer, lipsticks, eye shadows, to name a few), I have found a favourite in their lipsticks, especially. I’ve never seen so many shades and finishes, and it’s exciting picking which ones to buy!

I’ve decided that because I love them so much, I will dedicate a whole blog about the ones I have! I wouldn’t be able to do a ‘favourites’ blog yet, due to only having ten (Yes, I know that is still a lot, but, I couldn’t pick favourites yet!).

When it comes to lipsticks, I never really have a “go to” shade. I constantly mix them up depending on my mood, and what I am going to do that day. Some days I love to wear nudes, whereas I also own bright reds, pinks, and plums.

Below, I have swatched the ones I own, and from left to right I will go through their names and finishes.


Vegas Volt – Amplified Cream

Craving – Amplified Cream

Plumful – Lustre

Hot Gossip – Cremesheen

Chatterbox – Amplified Cream

Please Me – Matte

Viva Glam V – Lustre

Faux – Satin

Crème Cup – Cremesheen

Pure Zen – Crèmesheen

As you can probably see, I quite like lipsticks with a sheen to them, rather than a matte finish. However, Please Me was too beautiful a shade for me to not buy it, even though it was a matte!

I often get asked whether Mac lipsticks are really worth their price (£15 in the UK). I feel I have to say yes. Of course, this is a lot to pay for a lipstick, but, I have tried many different brands of high street lipsticks in the past (Maybelline, L’Oreal, Rimmel, etc), and they have great shades, but they never tend to last on my lips. I always find that I end up looking like I’ve got a bright lip liner around my lips by the end of the night, which is never a good look!

Have you tried a high street brand of lipstick that has Mac’s staying power? Please comment below! I’d also love to know your favourite Mac lipsticks (I feel a Mac haul will be on its way soon, hehe).

Thanks for reading!


Little Miss Makeup x



7 thoughts on “My Mac Lipstick Collection!

      1. I feel like I missed out too. I used to never wear any lip products at all (all about the eyes) but now I have to have something on my lips or my makeup doesn’t feel complete. I can’t wait to add to my Mac collection. They are expensive, but so worth it!

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